Klub Final Showcases Punk, Scruffy Pop

Living-room grunge meets psychiatric-facility chic 

By Julianne Wagner

Klub Final

Guitarist performing at Klub Final.
Photo by Claire Voon

Searching for any spot large enough for a band to play, a friend and I grab beers and spot the door leading to the downstairs section of Klub Final. Spiraling down the red staircase, we are spit into a hall where we pay the entry fee and hoist open the door barely eking music. I notice the brick basement we are in has been soundproofed with mattresses on the walls, plastic for the ceiling and heavy patterned rugs across the dank floors.

It’s dark; one stage light is starkly on, illuminating the bespectacled front man of Czech band Hissing Fauna. Earnestly, he snarls atop chunky riffs and anthemic power-chords. The punkier Bugmen follow, with tumbling drum riffs, haphazard noise and emotionally wrought vocals echoing throughout the three underground stone alcoves.

“Strewn with bright colored lights, the intimate but cavernous walls provide a festive, homey feel.”

Couches bedecked in Victorian flora share the same space with mod plastic chairs. Various end-tables hold fabric flowers, books and magazines, leaving the emptier tables forgotten in the corner. Strewn with bright colored lights, the intimate but cavernous walls provide a festive, homey feel.

The final act, Londoner Dignan Porch, takes the stage. One song in, the lead singer asks to shut off that same bleak stage light. Playing nearly in the dark, the silhouetted band easily crafts a circular melodic fuzz. The scruffy pop songs meander amiably, punctuated by bright keyboard and guitar feedback.

The crowd sways and sips, basely cheerful, urging an encore. Grateful (and playing in Prague for the first time) the five-piece group rouse us one last time, ending moments after the 10 pm noise curfew. The ramshackle satisfaction we all feel continues, incubating in the living-room atmosphere of Klub Final.

Final Club Pribenicka 8, Prague 3  


Julianne Wagner is in the NYU Gallatin Class of 2014.  Her hometown is Los Gatos, California.


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