Passion for Fresh and Healthy Brings Locals Into the Moment

The city’s new vegan cafe opens its doors this month. 

By Katya Barannik

Amid bearded men with tattoos running up their arms, women drinking beers, and children running around with pups Lucie Gregorova, leans on the cafe doorframe chatting with a friend.

Gregorova, co-owner of Moment Cafe, is dressed in red flats and a blue summer print dress topped by a short, asymmetrical haircut.

She greets me with a warm smile and invites me into what she calls, “Prague’s first vegan café.”

The well-lit, large front room with seating area and bar makes me feel as if I’ve stepped into a chic friend’s apartment for a bite to eat. Towards the back of the cafe is a room with a couch, table and a play area for kids. For patrons that feel like taking a leisurely lunch or coffee break there is even a little library nook with books free to borrow.

For Gregorova, a Prague native who spent time working in a Berlin cafe, opening a cafe has been a long time dream for her and longtime friend, Edenek Uhlir, the café’s head chef.

Prague Wandering Spring 2013 Issue Number 2 Moment Cafe Vegan

Co-owner of Moment Cafe, Lucie Gregorova, works register in newly opened vegan cafe. 
By Claire Voon

Moment Cafe opened last week in Prague’s Vinohrady neighborhood, across the street from the Sady Svatopluka Čecha park. The cafe, with its hardwood tables, chalkboard menu and exhibition of local art, intertwines the aesthetics of both Brooklyn and Berlin. “I think Vinohrady is especially good for making business like this because there are a lot of offices, residences, and expats,” Lucie said. “When you look around I think people are used to going out, eating out a lot, and having a coffee outside.”

The cafe’s homey atmosphere is perfect for people who are either working or studying and are looking for a satisfying breakfast or a quick lunch during their day.

“’Vegetarian places are always crowded for lunches because people need something light and nutritious- that’s what you can get from vegan or vegetarian food,’ Lucie Gregorva said.”

Moment Cafe, which also serves as an informal showroom for artists, is a great spot for quirky art lovers. The walls are decorated with art from Poster 44, a print studio in Prague.

While Prague is known as the land of meat and potatoes, Lucie believes that healthy eating is becoming more popular as citizens are starting to care more about nutrition and what they put into their bodies.  Aside from Vietnamese or Indian restaurants there are few places in Prague where one can get vegan food.

Moment Cafe is dedicated to providing its customers with a variety of fresh, seasonal and nutritious food. “Vegetarian places are always crowded for lunches because people need something light and nutritious- that’s what you can get from vegan or vegetarian food,” Lucie Gregorva said.

Prague Wandering Spring 2013 Issue Number 2 Moment Cafe Vegan

By Claire Voon

Beverages come from small, local breweries and coffee roasters, and their friends make ciders and other apple drinks. Espresso costs 32 crowns. The café’s produce and vegetables are from a family-owned farm outside of Prague.

The cafe wants to offer a home to “people who are doing something by passion and heart- that’s important for us,” Lucie said.

Moment offers a hearty meal of the day, along with an assortment of salads, bagels and sandwiches. The daily lunch is 109 crowns, and a bagel sandwich, with spinach and hummus, is 55 crowns. Moment Cafe posts its daily menu on Facebook every morning.

This vegan café also has a strong emphasis on tasty sweets. From cakes and cookies, to cheesecakes and cupcakes, Moment Café offers desserts that can be dressed up or down depending on the day’s offerings.

At the end of the day, Gregorova hopes that Moment Cafe becomes an inviting place for locals and friends.

“We’re just normal kids having a coffee.”

Moment Cafe- Slezská 62
Tel: 722 902 001

Poster 44- Manesova 70, Praha 2

Katya Barannik is in the NYU Class of 2015, majoring in Journalism and Art History. Her hometown is Chevy Chase, Maryland.


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