French House, Balkan-Latin fusion and Screamo

What locals listen to when they want to get moving.

By Juan Pablo Quintero and Devan Schulte

For young Czechs, favorite musicians range from the local bands like Wohnout, up-and-comers like Madeon, as well as international pop stars such as Beyonce. Photo by Peter Slattery.

For young Czechs, favorite musicians range from the local bands like Wohnout, up-and-comers like Madeon, as well as international pop stars such as Beyonce. Photo by Peter Slattery.

Like everyone else you know, 20-something Czechs are jamming to their personal playlists on their commute, on the streets and in the gym. We set out to discover the musical preferences of the girl doing squats at the gym. Or the suit-clad man waiting for a coffee. Or the curly haired redhead running late for her date. According to the people we interviewed, it’s probably not folk music. As a result, we have created two playlists: one of all the music they’re listening to and one of all the songs Czechs will tell you to skip.

1. Milan Lavicka, 35, had his music blaring while powering through calf lifts at the gym.

Currently Listening to: Wohnout – “Rayda”

Favorite Artists: Wohnout and N.O.H.A

Band Fact: Wohnout formed one year before the Velvet Revolution by two brothers and has released six studio albums since, making it one of the Czech Republic’s most popular alternative rock bands.

2. Aneta Janakova, 23, scrolled through her playlist of fast-beat, techno music while stretching before a run.

Currently Listening to: Madeon – “Imperium”

Favorite Artists: Madeon, Avicii, David Guetta

Band Fact: Madeon’s debut studio album “Adventure” was released on March 30, 2015, and is attracting the attention of many “French house” music fans.

3. Lenka Korbova, 29, sees a lot of local rock concerts at the Hard Rock Cafe, where she works as a waitress.

Currently Listening to: Mr. LoCo – “Siempre Seras”

Favorite Artists: Siempre Seras or anything rock

Band Fact: Mr. LoCo, comprised of two Mexicans and two Peruvians, plays Balkan-Latin fusion music and is based in the Czech Republic.

4. Jana Novotná, 25, smoking outside on her break from work

Currently listening to: Billy Idol – “Rebel Yell (1999 Remaster)”

Favorite Artists: Anything “deep house” like Detroit Swindle

Band Fact: Billy Idol is an English rock musician whose music is primarily inspired by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

5. Krystyna Cermakova, 23, has a go-to song for any occasion by one of her favorite artists.

Currently listening to: Alt-J – “Matilda”

Favorite Artists: Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, the XX, Beach House

Band Fact: Alt-J formed only 8 years ago as an English-indie rock band, but their second album, “This is All Yours,” went straight to #1 in the UK in September 2014.

6. Pavla Kslazklewiczova, 22, chooses any music with a great beat she can dance to.

Currently Listening to: Disclosure – “Confess to Me”

Favorite Artists: Goran Bregovic for Balkan Brass Music, Beyonce for pop music

Band Fact: Disclosure is an English electronic music duo between two brothers. Their debut album secured a 2014 Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Album.

7. Tereza Novicka, 25, has an ever-changing favorite song, but “can’t stand” traditional Czech folk music no matter what.

Currently Listening to: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

Favorite Artists: Bob Dylan

Band Fact: This indie rock band is headed by a husband and wife from Montreal, Quebec.

8. Bebe Klatova, 21, listens to rock, alternative rock and rockpop to start off a fun night out or relax at home.

Currently Listening to: The Beatles – “Blackbird”

Favorite Artists: Arctic Monkeys, Queen, The Beatles

Band Fact: If you do not know who the Beatles are, we have a problem.

9. Lucie Kovarova, 26, gets motivation at the gym from high-paced remixes.

Currently Listening to: Don Latino – “Amor Latino (Remix)”

Favorite Artists: Wyclef Jean, Lady Gaga

Band Fact: Don Latino hails from Chile. He also has five tattoos.

10. Tereza Prochazkova, 23, says that “hard rock is love”

Currently listening to: The Paranoid – “Nikdy nezabudnem”

Favorite Artists: Suicide Silence, Bullet for My Valentine

Band Fact: The Paranoid plays rock/screamo music. They’re huge in Slovakia.

Juan Pablo Quintero is in the NYU Stern School of Business Class of 2017. His hometown is Bogota, Colombia.

Devan Schulte is in the Bucknell University Class of 2016. Her hometown is Wycoff, New Jersey.


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